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Landscaping Ideas for a Smaller Yard

Having a small front yard does not mean you have to give up the desire for creative landscaping ideas. This can be especially important if you are considering selling your home because it will increase the curb appeal. Placing a few shrubs on either side of the door or along the walkways and calling it a day is a pretty common view. Going a little further will help give you landscaping a finsihed look.

Here are 5 easy landscaping ideas for front yards that are not expensive and can be completed in a weekend.

1. Build a container garden on either side of the front steps or the front of the porch. Be sure that your pots are the same design and color. This does not mean they have to be the same size. They can vary in height and size to give a more balanced look with the rest of the look. You should also use similar colors and tones with the flowers and plants.

2. Try creating a kidney-shaped berm in the front yard as part of your landscaping plan. Low maintenance evergreens and a few small flowering bushes will add seasonal color. This will also create some privacy from the street without compromising home security.

3. A brick paver patio is also a way to create some additional color and add a welcoming look. Place a small outdoor table and chair set in the center to the home a welcome look. Place small bushes or perennial plants around the patio, and finish it off with a layer of mulch.

4. Attract butterflies and soften the hard edges of the driveway with small pockets of flower beds planted with flowers. Colorful flowers like zinnia, gay feather, cosmos, and lantana produce the sweet nectar the butterflies love, will add color and interest to your front yard. Include a small bird bath filled with fresh water and a rock for the butterflies to sun on.

5. Add some color to the foundation with some additional plantings. Remove old and unhealthy plants and then prune and trim what is left. Using these plants conserve water is healthy for the environment and your pocketbook. A small water feature also attracts wild life and adds interest to the front yard. Outdoor lighting can light up the night to show off the landscaping without breaking the budget.