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River rock is one of the most popular landscape materials.


What is landscaping rock?

River rocks often look different from one another. Some are a lot bigger than others while others are pebble sized. We carry both. River rock can be blue, green, red, pink, orange, coral, slate gray, or any combination of colors. They can also have stripes, spots and striations. The one thing that river rocks have in common is that they have a softly rounded shape and a smooth finish. This look is what makes them so popular with landscapers.

River Rock

River rocks are formed when water currents smooth and shape the rocks over time. This gives them an almost shaped and polished by hand look and makes them harder for little hands to get scraped on.

Some river rocks even look like gems or precious stones. All of this is what makes them so popular with landscapers like you. To enjoy their beauty even more consider adding them to your water project. Here are some ideas of how to use these in your back yard.

Create A Dry Creek Bed

Dry Creek River Rock Landscaping IdeaThis adds an interesting visual element to any yard and is a great way to break it up. You can even incorporate natural elements like trees and boulders into the flow of the creek bed.

River Rocks look totally natural in this kind of a project.

Smaller River Rocks make a beautiful Border or Path

River Rock BorderThis is a variation of the creek bed landscaping idea discussed above only you use smaller rocks and will need add some type of border material to keep the rock in place and out of the surrounding yard.

Other uses for River Rock

These are many many uses for this rock. You are only limited by your imagination. There are many ways to use it in a landscape design. For example you can:

  • Use it as mulch.
  • Spread it around flowering shrubs of a contrasting color, to make the plants stand out.
  • Use it to fill a border area by a fence, a terraced wall, or some other structure. This can make maintenance easier.

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